Our Story

Good food has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember so naturally, when I became a mum, I did all I could to give my children a nutritionally balanced, healthy diet. Of course, I wanted them to find their meal times enjoyable and exciting too.

At home each evening, after a busy day at work, I found myself thinking about the next meals my girls would eat. I wrote down my recipes, refining them each time, layering new textures and flavours on those that I’d already established as favourites. I’d batch cook then freeze purees for Florence and mini meals for Tilly.  

Friends with babies and young children were grateful recipients of my creations too and, inadvertently, I created a demand from them I simply couldn’t keep up with!

Watch the video above to hear a little more.

Busy in the kitchen

Tasting New Recipes

Getting the girls involved