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When Tilly was just 3, she ended up having her teeth checked by the dentist as I was booked in and he said he would check her teeth whilst I was there. This sounds easier than it was!  Getting a shy and quite scared 3 year old to open her mouth so a complete stranger could stare at her close range was a bit of a nightmare.  I was quite happy to 'leave it for another time', however he was not quite ready to give up the fight.  An entire album of stickers later, the dentist won! Of course Tilly's teeth were fine; after all, they were merely a year... continue reading
One of my self imposed rules is never to reward or 'bribe' my children with food.  Of course this is not something I dreamt up; it is advice that had been given to me courtesy of 'Supernanny' and various parenting forums and magazines.  However it is something that struck a chord with me. Do I find it an easy self imposed rule to follow?  No!  For example, a few weeks ago Tilly had asked me for her most favourite tea - Crispy Duck.  I blame Grandma for this one!  When I was growing up, our birthday meal each year was a trip to... continue reading
Friday late afternoon involved a 3-4 hour car journey to London. Car snacks are an essential. What did I take for a pain free journey which included a late tea time? Well, I decided on hummus and pita, grapes, pears, fromage frais (yup, tubs of it with a spoon), dried mango & digestive biscuits. MESSY in the extreme, no bibs as a precaution only wipes to deal with the inevitable back seat destruction. Florence looked crusty by the end of the journey! There was a huge amount of crumbled biscuit, half sucked mango and squished fruit down the side of the car seats. I... continue reading
So, it's Day 2 of blogging.  Quite poignant for me at the moment is 'the bedtime snack'.  My children have their tea quite early as when Tilly comes back from school she's starving.  They probably have 'tea time' at 4-4.30ish.  They then go to bed between 7 and 7.30pm.  I introduced the bedtime snack when as toddlers they started waking up in the middle of the night.  I put this down to hunger.  They don't overeat at meal times and therefore their little tums are hungry by bedtime. My children are pretty much... continue reading
Hello!  I'm new to blogging but I want to share a few thoughts with you on childrens' food and weaning. Getting toddlers and children to eat healthily can be every parents worst nightmare.  All children go through 'stages'.  My children have been through various cycles of will eat/won't eat but perseverence and some gentle coaxing have got us through these stages! I believe that part of the battle is won from weaning and during that first crucial year.  If we use 'building blocks' of tastes, this is a great start.  To... continue reading