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I am the type of mother who tries to plan ahead and think of 'all eventualities', at least I like to think I am, however in reality I get 60% of the preparation done at least a week in advance and then leave the last 40% until the night before! When Florence and Tilly were babies I would literally only stop short of packing the kitchen sink.  Cue argument between myself and my beloved!  He would invariably have booked us only 15kg of luggage allowance per adult which of course would, in the main be allocated to his water based sports paraphernalia or ski... continue reading
When I was weaning my girls I got a bit paranoid about including enough 'superfoods' into their diet and was verging on obsessive over Tilly not having anything sweet for the first 12 months of her life.  I had it in my head that if she had anything too sweet it would ruin her taste buds and she would only ever crave sweet things.  Whilst there is some truth in this, with Florence I relaxed a little more, included more  fruits and the result is exactly the same, they both eat pretty much anything! I decided quite early on that I wanted to implement... continue reading
And now for the tricky subject of school dinners versus packed lunches.  When Tilly was tiny and at Creche it was straightforward, lunches and a snack were served to the children and there wasn't the option of packed lunch unless you expressly chose it.  Also if I'm honest, the quality of the meals at nursery/creche was pretty fantastic, breakfast (if you chose it) was cereals/toasts, pretty standard stuff, lunch was very much 'home cooked' and delicious.  Move forward a few years.  When Tilly started school I decided she would start... continue reading
From a very early age I have cooked and baked with Tilly and Florence.  This stems from my experiences as a youngster. One of my earliest memories as a child was making jam tarts with my mum.  We have some photos of me, nearly 3 sat making pastry and my brother who wasn't even one sat with a spoonful of jam.  Where that jam ended up is anyone's guess, more than likely in his mouth or on the floor but when I see those photos it makes me feel happy and evokes lovely warm memories. My mum is an excellent cook and my father was a baker.  In fact my... continue reading
Firstly, a belated Happy Valentines Day!  We woke to a lovely card yesterday from Tilly and Florence which I thought I would share with you: Our resident supernanny Claire had spent all day with 5 children and had managed to make an abundance of lovely cards, hanging doves, snakes, plates and snowflakes which were hanging from the window.  They look fantastic and I wish I had the artistic talent to create something similar. You see I'm really not very 'crafty' at all.  Thank goodness for Claire, without her I'm not sure my children would... continue reading