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Although we always give a 10 minute and then a 5 minute warning before it's time for bed, we inevitably run into one thousand and one reasons as to why 'it's not fair'.  I'd like to share this month's top 5 excuses: 1) "I'm hungry" - this one is a favourite, pulled out of the bag almost nightly.  Even though they've had a healthy dinner, a supper time snack, they are of course still hungry.........   I automatically respond with "Well you should have eaten more at tea time".  This is when I realise... continue reading
We were having lunch with some friends last weekend and I was watching the girls.  We were in a fish restaurant and I sat watching their reactions as to what was presented in front of them. We shared a platter between us all.  There were various sea creatures, one of which was an oyster!  I dared Tilly to try it and she did, ok she was reluctant but I was really impressed she ate some.  She thought it looked horrific but was still willing to try it.  Florence was having none of it and just kept making 'eurgh' sounds. I think the final straw... continue reading
I think my girls are pretty good eaters. They will try most foods, however, just when I think I've cracked it, we circle back to the beginning. A prime example is pesto.  I think many parents would agree, pesto can be a life saver, especially when you're in a rush.  Well, although the first time she tried it, she liked it, since then Florence has declared on numerous occasions that she definitely does not like pesto. Her usual cry is "Mummy, that is disdustin" as she watches Tilly wolf it down. I've tried numerous times to give it to her,... continue reading
I find being a busy working parent means that I don't always have time to plan every meal in small detail.  As mentioned in one of my early blogs I often make lots of soup. I have done this ever since I started work even before children.  It's cheap and healthy and it's a good way to use up all of the veg lurking in the bottom of your fridge (otherwise known as Fridge Soup!).  We take it into the office for lunch and the children then have it for tea or for their evening snack. I find joy of soup when you have a baby/small children is that you... continue reading
Who doesn't remember the 80's 'white fish in parsley sauce' and 'boil in the bag fish'. My Grandma would never have dreamt of cooking fish or shellfish, she wouldn't touch a prawn and unless it was covered in batter, fish was off the menu too.  My mum however, didn't inherit this fish phobia and practically weaned us on fish. There wasn't the opportunity to be scared of either eating or catching fish growing up.  Russ, my brother was obsessed with fishing for trout. He would go out fishing to the local tarn for hours on end,... continue reading