Being 'crafty' & Happy Valentine!

Firstly, a belated Happy Valentines Day!  We woke to a lovely card yesterday from Tilly and Florence which I thought I would share with you:

Tilly's Valentine Card

Our resident supernanny Claire had spent all day with 5 children and had managed to make an abundance of lovely cards, hanging doves, snakes, plates and snowflakes which were hanging from the window.  They look fantastic and I wish I had the artistic talent to create something similar.

You see I'm really not very 'crafty' at all.  Thank goodness for Claire, without her I'm not sure my children would have the drawing skills they have.  Sure I do lots of cooking with the children but the idea of getting out paints/pens/glue/scissors slightly sends a cold shiver down my spine!  I'm not really sure why because on the odd occasion that we do have a craft morning I feel a real sense of achievement and actually really enjoy it.  Maybe it's because I'm just not very good at it and would rather spend time mixing, cooking, baking and trying new recipes with the children.  Also, now Tilly is at school we spend quite a lot of time doing reading and maths games which she actually enjoys.  This doesn't leave a huge amount of time on weekends for us to fit in a few hours of craft. Add to that swimming, going to the park, making lunch, dinner and the newly adored 'ice skating with daddy', our craft time seems to happen less and less.  Don't get me wrong they do lots of drawing and colouring in but that doesn't really count as 'craft' in my book.

In fact, the last time I tried to be 'crafty' was just before Christmas and I very stupidly left a box of pens on the floor.  We had just had a new floor and unbeknown to myself, Florence decided she would 'decorate' the floor!  It must have been a few minutes, I was cooking in the kitchen, she shouted 'mummy, I draw on fwoor' looking really chuffed with herself.  She had coloured all of the white grout in red and I do mean nearly all of the grout!  Even after a good scrub, the floor still has a slightly pink tinge to it.  I'm just glad she didn't glue 'pretty sprinkles' to the walls whilst she was busy decorating!

And whilst we are on the subject of drawing, my mother very kindly bought the girls some bath crayons for Christmas.  Now this I thought, was a great idea, keep all of the mess in the bath.  Oh my goodness, have you tried these things?  You will literally spend your life scrubbing away the remnants of crayon and no matter how hard you scrub there will always be a little hard residue of crayon left and just as you think you are about to pick it off, it smudges a big red swipe across the bath and you have to start all over again. It becomes a battle of patience, grit and determination!  One that I don't have time for.  So when Florence recently asked for the crayons I said they had gone for a rest because they had worked so hard making mummy’s bath look beautiful.

So you see, that's why, in the main I don't do lots of 'craft'.  Give me some flour, eggs and milk and together we will conjure up something tasty but I'll leave the crafty mornings to those with an eye for it!  My children don't go without, Claire and school more than make up for my shortcomings!